Rescue and Rehab – Field Response Volunteers Needed

The Rescue Department of New England Aquarium responds to reports of live and dead stranded seals, dolphins, whales and sea turtles. We rely on a network of trained volunteers to be first responders at stranding sites. Volunteers act as our “eyes and ears” on the beach, reporting information, including species and health of the animal, so that we can make decisions on the best course of action.

*We are looking for volunteers that live 30 minutes or less from the coast, ONLY in the following areas:*
• Swampscott/Lynn/Nahant/Marblehead
• Hull
• Scituate
• Marshfield
• Duxbury
• Plymouth
• Travel to stranding sites and identify species and location of stranded animals.
• Conduct health assessments of live animals to determine if they are injured, sick or in good health.
• Collect data, including measurements and sex, from dead animals.
• Provide photos and information about stranded animals to the Rescue Department.
• Interact with people at stranding sites to answer questions and maintain a perimeter around the animal.
• Must be at least 18 years old.
• MUST have access to a car and camera.
• Must live within a 30 minute car ride of the ocean (bays, estuaries or coves included).
• Must be able to walk on uneven ground and lift moderate weight.
• Must be calm under pressure and be able to report situation objectively.
• Previous animal handling experience preferred.
** Due to the inherent risk in working with wild animals, which can carry diseases and bacteria, this position is not recommended for applicants who are immune-compromised or pregnant.

Successful applicants will complete two rounds of interviews and will be available to attend a full-day training on Saturday, May 6th.

To Apply, click here : New England Aquarium Volunteer Application Page