Take Caution with Pets in Cold Weather

A Message from the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page

During the warm months we share warnings about keeping pets in hot cars. But cold weather — like the weather we are going to experience over the next three days — can be just as dangerous. Please take a look at the below chart and make smart decisions about your pets. Dogs left in a car in very cold temperatures are at risk. Anyone who sees a dog in a freezing car is urged to call police, as first responders (and, under certain specific conditions, private citizens) can make entry into the car to rescue the animal if efforts to locate the owner are unsuccessful. ALSO, please note that a state law passed in 2016 prohibits a person from leaving a dog outside for more than 15 minutes when a weather advisory, warning, or watch is issued, OR when heat, cold, wind, rain or snow are severe enough to risk the health or safety of the dog. Members of the public are encouraged to call their local police department to report pets left outdoors in extreme weather. Thank you!

Click on Chart Below for Temperature Danger Chart